Registration for 14th European Summer School: Advanced Proteomics

Register now for the 14th European Summer School: Advanced Proteomics in Brixen.

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Junior Research Group completes SMART-CARE

Dr. Junyan Lu joined SMART-CARE consortium on December 1st, 2021 to lead a new junior group of "Computational Mass-spectrometry, Multi-omics and Precision Oncology"

With his skills in biomedical data science and experience in collaborative studies, Dr. Lu leads a junior group sitting at the interface between the experimental, clinical and computational teams in SMART-CARE. The junior group aims to develop new computational methods for the robust and sensitive mining of primary mass spectrometry data, as well as the efficient integrating of mass spectrometry data with other omics and clinical data, which will serve as a solid foundation for patient stratification and biomarker discovery.

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Summer School "Mass spectrometry meets systems medicine"

End of September 2020 the first MSCoreSys Summer School "Mass spectrometry meets systems medicine" took place in Bad Dürkheim.

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Young Expansion of the MSTARS Consortium

MSTARS strengthened and expanded its areas of “visual proteomics” and “method development for quantitative proteomics” by recruiting two young investigator groups.

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SMART-CARE network meeting 2021

See the network of a collaborative project grow

SMART-CARE had its second plenary progress meeting, to discuss recent achievements towards our common goal to identify cancer predictors. Great progress was reported by the clinical, mass spectrometric and data analysis teams in collecting precious clinical material and establishing workflows to generate and analyse proteomic and metabolomic data. But it was

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